Saturday, 15 March 2014

I love Hooping! Beginners lessons with Stakatto Blue

I've mentioned my hoop before, but not for a while... although I still enjoy hooping (and went to a few tricks classes) I realised I was missing the foundations to build up my skills - how to stop the hoop falling down. Opps!

Kat from Stakatto Blue was advertising beginners lessons so I signed up and magically found a friend or two to join me :) Kat is a wee firecracker, her enthuasium is contagous and she always seems to have a big grin on her face. You get a hoop included with the class so I went for a travel hoop - it's abit lighter than my other hoop, so better for tricks.... but harder at first for waist hooping.

There is ALOT crammed in to each lesson and she does a video recap at the end of each lesson to take home. I can't wait for more park weather, the joy when it's light when you finish work.  There is so much in each lesson I really need to practise it as I go to fulfil my dream of being able to hoop dance. There is so much scope, I've seen people doing amazing stuff just dancing while hooping, while others manipulate the hoop. The options are endless.

Here are a few of my fave hoop dance vids on youtube -

Are there any hoop dancers you really admire? I would love to hear any recommendations.

Barnicles xx

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  1. I happen to know this lovely lady well, she rocks -


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