Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Adventures at glastonbury festival

Everning world, Barnicles is back in scotland after an adventure to Glastonbury Festival.

Much freedom, great music and fun was found. Highlights would be relaxing in a non judgemental atmosphere - where acceptance and friendly faces were everywhere and spreading the poi poi word and teaching the kids to poi! I bought some glow poi on the thursday night which were great fun - watching random kids play with them watching the pyramid stage was amazing.

We bumped into a big family who had all ages with them and cousins and nieces and nephew - a few adults too but that was a very cool crew! so lucky to explore Glastonbury festival so young. The wee kids kept getting the poi poi stolen by their older sisters/cousins so I had to step in and give them one each. There was another wee girl who was too shy to play at first - after a while she camp up and poked me asking for a go :)

This is me preparing for a day out. I'm not sure if my outfits were crazy enough but I kept adding glitter and my eyemakeup grew over my face as the nights continued :) My new tutu was finished in time and I was seen wearing one or two homemade flower crowns at all times!

It was also great to see Fairylove, Rosa Bloom and Miss Katie Cupcake there and lots more indepentent boutiques!

I haven't even mentioned the music - Amanda Palmer was my favourite - great friends with me and a friends 11yr old daughter danced with one poi the whole way through in a punk dress! rad times :) Mumford and sons were great, PIL, Public enemy, the egg, the resonators - my friends band and more.

I'm home, rested, preparing to face the world again and create the future. Spent today getting used to bloglovin after the death of google reader. What are you viewing blogs on at the moment?

Lots of hippy love

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