Friday, 26 April 2013

I moved...

I moved to a new world and it's busy. I have two flates now instead of one and I'm socialising more than ever (and exercising too). I'm happy but its busy and tiring commuting during the week. My poor herb seeds have yet to be planted. There's alot of aussie rules footy but I have a lovely craft room I can retreat to if needed.

I think I look like a Mary in the photo above, it is one of my real names so I may try it out. Totally loving my new sunglasses.

Busy busy Barnybee xx

Listening to - Nina Nesbit - stay out and P!nk - just give me a reason 


  1. Hi Barny!
    It's lovely to meet you. I am just to explore your world through your blog :)
    Thank you for dropping by with such a lovely comment!



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