Monday, 15 April 2013

I Love Aerial Yoga

I have recently discovered aerial yoga and fallen in love with it! It makes exercise fun and has such a calming effect, a fellow student commented how she feels she's had an all over massage afterwards. Is it exercise - yes! Do my muscles shake when planking? yes! It is relaxing- yes! Aerial yoga photos cutesy of Angela - Cloud 9 Yoga.

I think I'm quite lucky I found an amazing teacher whose teaching style suits me so well. In my first session the other students were so friendly and there were plenty of giggles. I went on my own after finding out about the class through facebook. I have hardly any yoga knowledge, don't go to the gym often enough and I am more likely to play with my hula hoop or poi poi. In my first session I tried everything the others had been doing for a few months, flying, inversions etc. Perhaps with bad posture and for not as long but I found it very accessable for a beginner.

I was really surprised how much fits into an hour. The sessions are broken down relaxation and breathing, stretches, flying, inversions and relaxation in your hammock to finish. Each session is slightly different which keeps it interesting. Sometimes it feels like a hammock, sometimes a trapeze, the options for experimentation on an aerial yoga hammock are endless! I want one at home now.

You may have noticed Pink using aerial silks in some of her performance pieces. Youtube will bring up examples and interviews - I love how she describes herself as a live artist, who doesn't record as well and says that singing upside down is actually easier for her. Silks are slightly different to hammocks and alot longer/higher but some of the moves are similar.

Me yesterday hanging out, you can go upload down from this move ... which is of course what I did next. I don't like interrupting the flow of the class to ask for pics but I'm happy just to get one! I have noticed a definite change in my body since I started Aerial Yoga... however it also coincided with my move to glasgow and a other change so I can't define wheither my weight loss was purely yoga. I can however blame being able to touch my toes, sometimes with my entire palms on my yoga teacher Angela, what next I ask? Bring it on.

 I encourage you to try if you have the oportunity, many places offer taster sessions and it's pretty much worldwide now although I am lucky to live in a city. If you have any questions just ask in the comments or email me. This post isn't sponsored I just fell in love and have so much fun.

Barnicles x


  1. This is totally awesome. id seen you tweet about it before but couldn't picture it. I am so jealous there's nowhere like that near me! X

  2. This looks SO challenging but awesome!

  3. I always found this so beautiful and interesting looking, I was just thinking about it today. But there doesn't seem to be any place in my city where I could do it: seems that the Dutch still need to catch on..


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