Saturday, 9 March 2013

Gran's tatting board

I am very lucky to have had two amazing grandmothers. I'm sad there is such a large age-gap as there is so much I could learn from them. RIP granny in America, an amazing dressmaker and card player. She knew how to host a good cocktail party and my barbies were the best dressed in town!

This is post is about my other Grandmother and I wanted to share her textiles work, hope you enjoy.

My dad's mother is amazing at textiles, taught me to knit, crochet, weave at a young age and as I have matured I have thrown myself into textiles again. If i had to define my creativity I guess textiles would sum it up, although I love constructed textiles too. I'm dreaming of a lace tatted dress. What do you think?

I got a new htc one + phone and I've been trying out the camera. I love my dlsr but as I mentioned in my last post instant blogging I prefer to blog what's on my mind, and if that means phone pics then at least I'm sharing. There is a queue of dslr pics to post, my new desk setup is awesome though so I'm hoping to be more productive!

This is my Gran's tatting board that she used to show examples when teaching tatting! I'm SO impressed. She gave it to me last time I visited. It's amazing. Tatting is just another string craft, like fish nets or friendships bracelets. A series of knots and picots to create a pattern. Concentration is the biggest challenge to get the pattern right. As it's knots it's not as easy to frog (unravel) as knit or crochet.

I know it's not a skill with large financial gain however it is an interesting skill that I believe should live on. I'm looking into teaching workshops, which would be aimed at customizing  and making personal projects. I have a beautiful waistcoat (of course from my Gran) with tatting edge. While it is intricate and detailed, tatting can be used in big scale, just as knit.

Hope you enjoyed these photos, I posted one on instagram and had imediate interest.
I can't wait to build up and share MY example board ;)

Keep calm and craft on!

Barnicles x

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