Sunday, 13 January 2013

Weekend life

Hey there, I'm surrounded by my family - my best mate/flatmate and boyfriend and feeling inspired to update about the simple joys of a weekend at home.

Nothing is as enjoyable as spending a day with my family with us each doing our own things. Why? Because we love doing our own things together. Currently Gus my boyfriend is playing on my pc "Heroes of Might and Magic", Charlie my amazing flatmate is playing LOTR lego, which I love watching but do not have the concentration span to play! While I write blogs, knit, work on a jigsaw and potter about doing chores. Which shouldn't really be called chores. An unforgettable quote from my mum which my brother in law quoted me was about being happy if we are present in every task we attempt. Yup, Im attempting to be present while washing up and walking places rather than imagining being elsewhere and my to do list. It's working remarkably well now, even though I wasn't very receptive at the time I heard it.

Side note - lego building in video games sounds awesome. Listening to the game makes me want to watch LOTR again! I am actually disappointed when Charlie decides she needs a break from the game. So fun to watch. Incase we all sound very lazy right now, we all have full time jobs, some of us study as well and for all of us this is our down time.

Gus made us a great dinner last night which we will be reheating for dinner tonight (it was that good). Pasta with haloumi, sun-dried tomatos, olives (black and green) and sausage. He kept it fresh with no butter, frying the sausages in vegetable oil and dressing the pasta with light amount of olive oil and balasmic vinegar.

So while my boyfriend uses my beloved pc (or should that be beloved bf uses my... amazing pc). I'm using the oldest ibook in the world. Connected by an ethernet cable this is my laptop. I find it alot easier to write on a laptop than pc, but easier to link in photos on a pc (or faster machine!!)

Hope your having a relaxing weekend :)

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  1. Ah, I love weekends at home when there is no pressure or deadlines (doesn't happen very often for me lately). My boyfriend and I have nearly all the Lego games! We just finished the 2nd Harry Potter Lego game and it was So.Much.Fun!!! I can't wait to start the LoTR one, but we have to first finish the Indiana Jones ones I believe? Hard to keep track :P
    Looks like you're having a fabulous time, keep at it!

    <3 Rita


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