Wednesday, 5 December 2012


So the road, or the family calls. Bags are packed and monies transferred, flights booked and panic about car hire. We were off on another ADVENTURE!


Goodbye Edinburgh

Hello airport gate queue!
I had just picked up a bento box from Yo sushi so was vhappy :)  (bento box not pictured. it was salmon and tuna and very tasty)

Friday - Hello bristol, hello dad, hello stepsisters wedding!

Hello sis and nephew. Hello highly inappropriate shoes for babysitting/dancing. As my sister put it "Just a usual fri nite out with the baby #getemongottobedone#"

Saturday - Hello babysitting! or baby watching. He's magical and I just watched him sleep for an hour admiring his tiny 6 week old features. (that cute nose!)

Sunday - My stepmom made the best breakfast ever - pancakes with bacon AND/OR smoked salmon! She spoils us!

These are just a few phone pics, with proper pics coming soon! Hope your all doing well preparing for Christmas or whatever you celebrate! I'm so excited about my birthday in less than a WEEK! WOOOOOOHOOOOO



  1. Aww, these photos are so gorgeous! You look very happy! <3

    1. thank you, family makes me happy! Im sooo broody!

      Barnicles x

  2. gahh those red heals <3 haha cute pictures too!

  3. Looks like you had loads of fun!! Eeeeek he is so adorable!!!


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