Friday, 14 December 2012

Are we over-exposed?

Are we over-exposed? over-saturated or over-inspired?

Is it really possible to be over inspired? Perhaps creatively not, any inspiration is good, however my brain likes to be able to process things. It says stop - I am not able to take in anymore... that there are too many unfinished projects in my mind and I'm struggling loosing control of them all, and what if I forget the best idea in the world?

What if I stop, and I let my brain unravel and I try everything it wants me to. I make or attempt everything until my ideas are exhausted.

Then I would be ready to charge up on inspiration again and hopefully keep up with my creativity.

Somehow all those ideas which have never been realised are suffocating me.

I continue to create yet am I really moving forward?


" I create, therefore I am "

1 comment:

  1. I can completely relate, my brain is always going at 10000 miles an hour and I hardly ever have time to finish a project or start a new idea. Maybe I should live in a cave and be a hermit, maybe i'd actually finish a project if I did that!


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