Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Dear blog friends,
I'm falling more in love with my nephew every time I see him.
It hurts to live so far away.
Approx 550 miles.
There's not much I can say,
His cute face says it all.
If he gets any cuter I may explode.

 He has such wonderful parents. My sister is so amazing and I'm so happy she's found a man worthy of her and equally special. X
As someone whose family has been split for the last ten years, and for the last five, with us living in four different areas of the UK it means a lot. I have so much love for my family and extended family as it grows and grows.
That's a nod to the beautiful bride last Friday, one of my stepsisters who brought us all together on her special occasion. Post with photos coming soon :)

This is an honest blog, the real me. It would be wrong to hide on this blog and pretend.
In person I believe in being comfortable, and I'm not afraid to speak freely. Once we admit we're not perfect, people around us relax and become more comfortable. We can relate to each other and support each other. I understand that in some situations professionally having a confident front or blagging can be good. I just think we are human.

On the plane down to Bristol there was a mum with a two and four year old in front of us. I find parents are often worried about their children being judged or causing disruption in public.  In reality most children behave in normal ways. I would be loud or cry doing take off if I didn't know better, if I didn't understand. I reassured her that her children were way better behaved than I would expect of kids that age and I think she really needed to hear it. She was very nice and thankful. When you let your barriers down and admit you have faults too, you become human. When you find out someone you know isn't perfect you sigh with relief. A lot of people set themselves an impossible standard which we do not expect anyone else to live up to.

"The Real Me" is a peak into a new blog series. I want this blog to have meaning and not just be pretty with craft. I don't want to pretend I'm perfect or to have a false front for my readers. Readers may not be sucked into the false blog world of admiration but at least it will be honest.
My house isn't tidy, I am not that organised and I'm a real person!

And this is what Wilby has to say on the matter : -
Love and hugs Barnicles xx


  1. He is just adorable! I can't wait for my sister to have her baby, I am busting to be an aunt!

  2. Oh my gosh he looks like a real teddy bear in that first shot. He couldn't be any cuter!

  3. So adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness, he is sooo cute! You are so right though, people are often shocked when they first meet me as I start jabbering on about the stupid stuff I have done that day ( I do a lot) Therefore they are instantly at ease because I am not trying to be perfect hence, I obviously don't expect them to be either which makes them a lot easier to talk to...on another note did you make the babies onsie? MUST PURCHASE ONE FOR MY NEPHEW!It's amazing xX

  5. Oh my god, isn't he just adorable!!?


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