Thursday, 29 November 2012

What I wore to work - Cold, dark Scotland edition

This post is brought to you from Scotland. This wouldn't normally matter, but we're not seeing much daylight this month and after being away several weekends away I have resorted to an outfit post without natural light, with my external flash in my hallway. Horrible carpet but nice tall ceilings. I get up in the dark and get home from work in the dark. 

These days I'm enjoying wearing wooly tights and my blowfish boots. I switch to heels at work - either a brown or black pair. I love this dress, and should have taken a close up photo of the print - it's two birdies kissing and it's from primark, or pradamark. My jacket is also from primark. Don't judge me, together they cost around £30, the quality is better than next and because the spotlight is on them, they have better ethical standards than many other companies.
It's hard to wrap up warm and feel pretty so I really like this outfit and my boots are waterproof yet feminine biker boots.

Introducing my new coat -

Charity shop WIN! (£13.99)
 (and also motivation to loose a few pounds so it's less 'snug')

Now I just need a star trek badge to add to my coat! ;)

Wrap up warm these winter nights. Stay safe. I'm sending my best wishes to those down south that have experienced flooding. Welcome to unpredictable winter, let us see what it holds and hope for the best. 



  1. Oh man- that jacket is SO cute! What different weather we're having ;) I do really want to visit Scotland sometime, it would probably have to be in the summer though! I went to London once in December and nearly froze to death :)

  2. I love this outfit! Especially the dress. Primark has some lovely clothes at the mo


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