Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Today I am...

Wearing to work - This may be the first non black/grey/cream item I have worn to work and I love my mustard jumper.

Thinking - About watching live wrestling on friday night!  EXCITING!

Working on
- updating my etsy shop

- editing hundreds of photos and trying to get them down to a reasonable amount.

- knitting mittens for wee ones

- working on a globe 3d jigsaw with my flatmate

Eating - Moma, a yummy soaked oats, yogurt and berry pot
 Drinking - coffee!

Worrying about
- the impending date which is my birthday, and the christian celebration that is christmas.
- the pile of unedited/unsorted photos I need to upload

What's on your mind today readers?

Barnicles xx


  1. Wow, love the look of that 3D jigsaw puzzle!

  2. Its epic! It comes with a stand. My flatmate decided we are completing it with our geographical knowledge without the map. haha. I'm still working by colour though.

    First 3d jigsaw I've tried and really enjoying it. Will post photos of progress.



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