Tuesday, 6 November 2012


This post was going to cover pumpkins and fun other things, however these past couple of days have been consumed by "Ow, it HURTS". So as an honest blogger I'm going to share.

Plush tooth from Vivikas on Etsy.

Maybe this should be written in a letter style to the pain :-  Here goes

"Dear *** ***&%&*%&* infection,

You make my face look swollen and ugly like a golfball face, or like quagmire off family guy.
Please will you stop hurting and let me sleep. please. "

Painkillers & Antibiotics

I started writing this a couple of days ago, and you'll be happy to hear I'm feeling much much better now, and I feel alot less miserable. Want to thank any friends who offered support during this time. It sounds very lame, but it was horrible and I felt so alone and helpless. Unable to get food for myself and all my friends and bf were busy. I was sick but then couldn't take antibiotics without food! On top of this I couldn't sleep properly.

Can you notice the sexy swelling?

That's right folks, we're calling it SEXY swelling! golfball face was also an affectionate name I took on during the last week. Lord help me if I break a leg eh?

Lastly one of my best friends came up to visit this weekend, at first I was mega depressed that she was visiting on a weekend where I was fighting infection. We also planned bro tat's back in MAY and had to cancel them due to aforementioned infection. After getting over this *sob* we had a wicked weekend!

I even got wise and wrote timing's on my painkillers so I didn't get confused. ;) I had a happy weekend full of sweater dresses and museums and dinosaurs which I will blog about soon.

Write more soon, I hope everyone is well and any of you in the US are voting today. The world thanks you if you vote Obama.

Barnicles :)


  1. As an ex dental nurse I feel your pain! Glad your feeling better ( LOVE that etsy toy as well!Oh man I would have brought that for my old surgery! )

  2. Uck! Infections suck!! I'm so sorry you've been miserable from that :( Pain is one of those things that can seem like it's driving you mad.
    On the plus side, I can't wait to read more about sweater dresses, museums, and dinosaurs (3 of my favorite things in fact).


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