Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Grammin' - like Jammin' #3 - Tatting

Me.... considering organisation.... organising my thoughts is like organising a rubbish dump, by the time you get half way there and have considered a plan theres alot more rubbish coming in and you have to decide where to put it and how to organise it. My craft space is just the same.

It's all an adventure, but I am craft obsessed at the moment. I started learning tatting! This year I also started drinking cocktails and eating a much healthier amount of takeaway pizza. I'm a big fan of the new dominoes Italian range with sunblushed tomatos, spinach bacon and chicken. so tasty!

So onto tatting ... At first I didn't have a shuttle, so I made one myself from plastic (see left below)
I had a book all about different lace making techniques and also noticed a blogger had posted a video. Astrid from 'A girl named Astrid', you can see her tatting post here.

My Gran sent up her tatting shuttle, along with an old tatting book and I started practicing...

and messing up, and experimenting and practicing some more.

To view the rest of my instagram photos just go to my Statisgram album
I've been a bad recently, I tend to switch between mediums and have been ignoring instagram and shooting purely with my dslr which then takes years to upload the photos!

Barnicles xx

Tatt on ;)


  1. That looks so cool! It always seems way beyond my crafting & patience levels, but you're turning out some nice looking things there!

  2. those are cute!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Another something I need to try! That first picture is cute btw :)


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