Thursday, 11 October 2012


 Welcome to FOOD - edition 1

Something I feel very strongly about is tasty food. On a serious note, my anxiety makes it difficult to eat sometimes so an attractive, tasty meal is really important.

Here are some recipes that are really inspiring me at the moment, and that I'm currently trying


1. Vegetarian tufo fritters by Kirsty of kristygourmet. (not much on her about page but LOADS of tasty recipes)

2. Rawsagne! I really want a mandolin, but all the choices confuse me! each one seems to have a good review and a bad one, so for now a potato peeler will have to do. I'm a big fan of lasagne with homemade pasta but that is very time consuming! This seems so fresh and yummy.

I don't think I've mentioned EasyAsVeganPie on this blog before. I had the joy of meeting Carla while she was living in london for a while, and she's a truly amazing person who I am lucky to call a friend. I'm more likely to get a call from Carla from Oz that most of my friends in the UK. madness!

She now has a great blog following her life in Melbourne and her vegan adventures. Great vegan recipe list and as a non-vegan I still love reading her blog for the scrummy food photos and inspiration.

3. Can you stay for dinner is an amazing blog - I love all of Andie's information, especially her 'what does 2000 calories a day look like' and 'How to make a delicious 400 calorie salad'.

On a separate note, I really hate calorie counting - I dislike a lot of sugar free, low fat or 'slimming' food. I love the way Andie puts calories into context in terms of REAL FOOD.
This jpg says it all.

4. Zucchini tots by curiouscountrycook

5. Home Roasted tomatos from GGC 

NOM! what have you been eating recently?

This week i have rediscovered the joy of carrot sticks and philidephia. so tasty! Looking forward to sushi on the weekend!

Barnicles x


  1. You've mentioned some great links here! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. i'm not much of a tomato lover, but that last picture is absolutely beautiful :) recently, i've been loving avocado and cheddar sandwiches! x

    1. oooh i will have to be brave and try them! i'm abit funny about mixing avocado. Saw this recipe for egg and avocado wraps.



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