Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Auntie Barnicles

You may or may not know that I am now a proud auntie and the little sprog was born healthy at home. (just as I was)
I am VERY VERY excited, busy making a crochet ripple blanket for mama (baby gets all the presents) along with knitted booties and socks (crochet and knitted) for him. 

Love Edinburgh library and the internet for FREE patterns. Will post finished booties and pattern soon if anyone is interested!

This is Belle and me (8 1/2 months pregnant) in Cornwall. I love that we are getting on better and better all the time and she has been incredibly supportive. This support stuff knocks me out of the water sometimes it feels so good. 

She suggested a jumping pic during our walk on the beach. Hang on, can you star jump when heavily pregnant? oh lets see shall we...

My nephew is now almost two weeks old and I cant wait to meet him. Just nice to know he's safe, he was a little overdue and drove mama bear mad. We were all so anxious and then the pregnancy went on and on. Now the sleepless nights start! huray!

Some photos from sis - I have some great beach photos when i get round to editing them.

me and my man




  1. How fun and exciting :) What a wonderful time. Homebirth is magical!

    1. thanks, its so nice seeing family but they are so far away! (other end of uk)

      B xx

  2. Congratulations on becoming an auntie - I love these pics of you & your family.em xx

    1. thank you! i need to get a few printed :) wait till you see the ones of me and my nephew! YAY!



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