Wednesday, 26 September 2012

HTC Needlepoint phone case complete!

Do u remember this post?  After a bit of trial and error and writers block (is there such thing as designers block?) I finally completed my phone case  and I LOVE IT :) *cross off to do list*

Purl bee did another great post on needlepoint iPhone cases which reminded me to get my arse in gear (and inspired me, obviously)

Please forgive my terrible photos. It is getting dark earlier and earlier so I struggle for natural light during the week for craft photos! 

I'm so happy with it! took me long enough (to decide on a design, not to stitch it). Now to make some other designs for the diamond hole pattern! (This cheap case is diamond shaped which is different than the iphone ones available. If you know of a supplier of square holes for x stitch on a htc case please let me know)



  1. wow this phone case is so cool!

  2. Love the design you decided on! These are so cool!

  3. So cute! If my phone was hip enough, I would love a case like this as well :)



  4. This looks so sweet! What a lovely idea =)


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