Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Crafty Olympics 2012

Now whose got into the spirit and watched the opening and closing olympic ceremonies this year? I  admit i only watched part, but i have a short attention span and potter about my flat lots. I watched more of the events than i usually did, ignored people moaning about it, worked out how the omium works (well roughly) and enjoyed discovering a few things like the steeple chase - looks fun!

Onto the good bit, what craftiness has been inspired by the Olympics? 
1. Pigeon Olympics? - check out this book by Lauren O'Farrell called Stitch London

2. The guardian has been running a BRICK BY BRICK series. Anyone like lego?

(bad point - adverts) but I love the stills from this project as well!

Presenting - the best of brick by brick                 

 How much of the Olympics did you watch and/on enjoy?

Barnicles xx


  1. I didn't get to catch the opening ceremonies, but I saw the closing :)

  2. Hahaha that stich London is so funny and creative. Cool!!




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