Monday, 9 July 2012

Anyone can knit - Just believe in totoro

Living for a few years with my amazing flatmate, some of my crazy textiles love had to rub off on her. I have tried to teach her crochet and knitting but I'm not sure it was her passion and she stopped after making an odd shaped scarf for the mini snowman we made. At least her first (or second if you count trying when she was six) piece of knitting had a use! (see below)

She's more a bookworm and has other interests, who knew there was hobbies other than crafts and knitting out there? hehe.

wee snowman

Fast forward a year and I've been learning fairisle and intasia and started messing around more myself and discovered a fun ol totoro chart!

With this aim in mind the inspiration and motivation was there, coupled with the love of bamboo needles it was easy.  If your interested both totoro patterns are on ralvery, which you just need a free login to access. The norwegian totoro mittens can be found here and the intasia totoro chart here.I've been knitting them up on 4mm bamboo. (dp's shown in pic)


flatmate knitting totoro swatch

flatmate knitting totoro swatch


knit on :)



  1. loving this! wish i knew how to knit, i always say im going to learn and i never follow through =\

  2. I love this pattern too and I'm sure I'll make it one day:D Can't wait to see yours finished!

  3. I wish I knew how to knit!

  4. Love that you're knitting, and it's looking awesome!

    We'd love to see your projects on Hobzy, where you can share and connect with others who share your hobby.

    1. This art equals happy kim? the link doesn't work.

      :) i love patterned knitting but don't have enough time!


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