Monday, 11 June 2012

This and That

My favourites from the interwebs : -  get inspired.

1.Tyewritter fabric labels how to - by Karyn (the amazing lady behind the workroom - in toronto)

2.  Painting ceramics - with Kelley, tutorial from creature comforts blog.

photo from creature comforts blog. 

3. Crochet a mouse! This could be the perfect cat toy or play toy for kids. Tutorial from Emma of Lululoves.
Photo from lululoves

4 .  Do you remember the amazing map dresses that made their way around the internet that I posted about here? Well now you can make a origami dress for a card, or whatever you imagination desires! Found via how about orange but links to youtube tutorial.
Image from how about orange

5. Lastly - how fabulous would this be at  a wedding?

Found via Pinterest
what are you making this week?


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