Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Needledate 3 - stitching holes

Oh how I wish to have more time to create, to evolve, to work in a workshop alongside other creative minds! I am obsessed with stitching at the moment, it always amazes me all the things that can be done (see below). Then my mind thinks of all the patterns you could cross stitch or knit fairisle and then I get overwhelmed with the awesomeness!  You can see some of my past posts here - Embroidery projects, Needledate #1 and Needledate #2.

1. I found a mesh case for the htc! My new case -  ready and waiting to embroider! the holes are diamond shape but I think i can work around this ;)

2. Here is another great iphone embroidered case - WITH tutorial!

3.  Good Knits cross stitched some floral pendants and here's even more floral garden pendants.

Also see these great animal pendants from LucyKate Crafts

You can buy pendants from places like the workroom, in different shapes and sizes.

Inspired yet?

4.lastly a painted Cross stitch wall art tutorial by Katie. I wish i could decorate my pad but renting sucks.

stitch happy :)


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  1. Oh wow! Everything in this post is amazing and makes me want to get back into my needlework!


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