Saturday, 9 June 2012


I love bunting, last year I was asked to put my bunting making skills into action and decorate my cousin's wedding hall. It was a simple wedding on a small budget and I was very happy to be part of it.

This was no easy task with not much time, however love is a good motivator and I think both the bride and groom are fantastic. I've got to mention here that they were getting married 360 miles away, so I had to ask favours of measurements, photos and general venue info.

So with a little help from my friends, I got down to making as much bunting and decorations possible in a week. I love my bias tape maker so much. I use it for the top of bunting to encase the flags properly. Unfortunately my sewing machine tension started acting up around meter 40, but I got there in the end.

bunting by barnicles

They also asked me to cover the backdrop somehow, with a small budget and only photos of the venue my brain went into overdrive. Consulting with the bride and groom we decided to go for a string curtain of birds and hearts, the children certainly enjoyed swirling in it later but no-one felt precious and they were having alot of fun.

Thanks to my boyfriend and mum for spending time starching the birds and hearts and to Carys for being a star helping with the bunting and making alot alot of bias tape for me while I was at work. (She admitted she was enjoying playing with the bias tape maker, it's so satisfying!)

I love problem solving and had a lot of fun with this one - finding the best practical solution to the problem faced - turning a hall into something magical which was worthy of the occasion.

Here are some photos of the string 'curtain'.

wedding curtain

wedding curtain The beautiful bride and groom.

Lastly I've started photographing and listing some of the bunting I have in stock from my craft stall. See the etsy listing here. I have different colour schemes and used vintage fabrics mixed with re-purposed and new cottons. Queries and custom orders welcome. I love bunting :)

I hope bunting makes you as happy as it makes me. If you can't afford bunting or don't find anything you like there are a lot of tutorials on the web. I'll do a tutorial into my method and other links soon.

All photos in this post are taken by me. Please do not repost them without credit. I'm working on my photography and these photos are special to me. 

Have a great weekend
Barnicles x


  1. Bunting is so easy and fun :) Nice photographs!

  2. i love bunting too :) omg, i LOVE that string of birds and hearts! when i get back from camp, i definitely want to make this for somewhere around my apartment. xoxo

  3. Great job for the wedding!! It so much better to have personal touches!!


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