Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Blogger users - how to use the old manage posts page

For any blogger users that were abit disappointed when blogger updated their platform (not so recently) it is STILL POSSIBLE (for now) to use the old platform manage posts page. 

I perfer this page because you can open new windows if you wish to switch between blog posts. Often I use draft posts to make notes for future blogs. Sometimes I decide to include something that was intended for another post or the opposite and decide to split a mega post in two. I'm a novice so I'm sure others do this. 

To use the page you just need to know your blogger ID - If you go to basic settings in the new blogger platform then you should be able to see your ID at the top in the address bar.*******************#basicsettings

now take that Blog ID and past it into this link********************
to see the old blogger platform manage blog posts page. 

Hope this helps anyone missing it. I came across it accidently by retaining the link to the page. 


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