Friday, 1 June 2012

5 Things

1. I used to have coloured hair, for 5 years or something. I LOVED IT.
mar 09

2. I have lived in 3 countries in the UK - England, Wales and Scotland, but not N Ireland.

3. I'm always joking or kidding around and often giggle to myself. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
15.1.09 RAaaaaaaaaa

4. I find it hard to define myself creatively, I am not a dressmaker or a knitter or a photographer I am a mixture of them all. I am creative and this brings with it alot of frustration and abit of confusion (like when looking at uni courses- which I decided against). I'm always swapping between mediums and not enough time to do anything or develop perhaps.
mmm craft porn

5. I like using smiley faces to express myself online but often end up using too many (see point 3 about joking about) :) :) :P :) ;)

Tell me 5 things about yourself, or join in by posting this on your blog :)  I found it more fun thinking of 5 things than filling out a massive questionaire and its easier to read.

Are you able to define yourself creatively? or like me do u struggle to choose a favourite?

I hope you have a great weekend

Love Barnicles 


  1. That teal color is my DREAM hair color!!!

  2. #4- but blogger IS a creative way to define yourself :) it is a creative activity, that can be fueled by other creative activities. or you could just be a writing-only blogger... but i think it deserves its own category :) x


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