Friday, 6 April 2012

This and That

1. I finally went ahead and treated myself to lace love by good knits and boy was it worth it!If your interested there are copies available here.

2. How many bloggers/friends does this remind you of? ;) My friend has the t-shirt!

3.  Twinkie Chan designed a RD2D cozy pattern. Might just have to try this! RAD

4. French tip manicure from Kyla Roma - fancy nails with a new twist, how many other designs is it possible to do with scotch tape? who knows?!

5. This week I've been obsessed with inari (tinned but still yummy) nom nom nom. Trying to decide if i perfer my bento with puff tofu or inari. See this adorable how to - totoro inari

6. Is there anything else? Im currently obsessed with knitting and crochet patterns and have a SHEDLOAD I want to try. Currently trying to finish old projects before starting new ones. My flatmate has an almost finished pair of gloves which have been awaiting fingers for over a year! Check out my pinterest board which is currently overflowing - wool crafts

oh yeah - this awesome MOOSE RING.  Would be great for photoshoots too!

This week I sat an exam (think it went well) and ran outer medication (bad), and now back on meds and dealing with side effects (also bad) but my crafting will keep me going (good).

Happy easter to everyone, hoping you are enjoying decorating eggs and spending time with family.

Barnicles x


  1. I miss you Barny face xx I am so pleased to be able to read your blog and catch up on your adventures!

    1. yay love your wee pic, following you now :) miss you too!


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