Friday, 20 April 2012

Inspired - Knit jumpers with fancy dancy designs

I've had abit of a hard week,  but have a smile on my face because I'm all excited about knitting a jumper with fairisle/intasia pattern and totoro's! totoro's!

How gorgeous are these patterns - 

1.14 totoro's knitted from strikkefrenzy's paper-dolls pattern

so so pretty!

2. MAJESTIC MOOSE by Andi of untangled knots.
(how awesome is her smile) Pattern found on knitty here 

I'm knitting up totoro swatches tonight before I decide which wool to use.

Anyone else know any awesome similar style patterns for free or cheap? I managed to shrink my knitted fairisle dress in the wash (sad face) and thinking about making another. After knitting up these two above I recon i'll have enough experience!

Love Barnicles.

ps I've just joined instagram - you can find me @Blue_Barnicles


  1. Replies
    1. so beautiful :) it makes me smile!


  2. Holy, these are so flippin cute!!!!! I love the patterns!! they are amazing!! If i could only knit! lol!

    have a lovely day, thanks for sharing!
    love K

  3. OMG, you knitted that moose sweater vest?? awesome!! also, i love the term "fancy dancy." :P xx

    1. Andi knitted THAT sweater but she's posted the pattern free :) yay glad you like it though, inspired me lots :)


  4. Both of these are absolutely beyond amazing! They make me so happy!

    1. I know they are ace! i can't wait till i make them, then they will make me super happy!

  5. cute! wish we had an excuse to wear cute clothes like that in hawaii :)

    new follower, please stop on by:


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