Monday, 30 April 2012

Grammin' - like Jammin'

-Instagram photo update - See title ^ I wasn't sure what to call this, insta-life just doesn't sound right.

So I've gone for grammin - instagramming, statisgramming etc. You have to have bob marley in your head while reading this - Youtube link

- Here's my weekend/last week in photos :) A list of happy things and a small insight into my life (minus the bits I consider boring)

Doily + work face

homemade card for my boyfriends birthday + TOTORO POST IT NOTES (message from my flatmate)

Making jewellry- Happy times

I baked bread, I was good and let it rise, rise and rise some more. So proud of the rise, less proud of the taste, yum but not great flavour - any advice welcome, i followed the recipe. Maybe there wasn't enough salt?

I also baked banana bread :) and worked some more on the mamma bear blanket for my sister.

My blanket on the left. The hoody I made on the right found a new home and is much happier :)

enjoying japanese food so much I managed to make a bento for work. 

Making bows and practicing totoro gauge for jumper!

Crafting - happy time - doily time :)
I wish I could create so much more of the time, but for now these pictures and creating makes me sane :) Photographed some bunting this weekend so keep an eye out in the shop for all the summer party needs! Barnicles- (Blue_barnicles on instagram)



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