Friday, 16 March 2012

Random This and That

1. This awesome cookie cutter! 

 2. Letter cookie cutters to write messages, but what if you messed up and lost a letter?! check out Abbey's message for her friends birthday party.

3. Crazy pregnant barbie, or midge. awesome or crazy?!

3. He's an A - Z how to store fresh produce that I found. VERY USEFUL! what to wash when, how to store and how long they will last. How to get the most outer your veggies!

4. 1 in 5 teenagers will experiment with Art. This is am amazing advertising campaign for the College of Creative Studies, an art school in Detroit. Some people that saw it didn't get it. I thought it was hilarious. What did you think?

my faves are -

5. Lastly this piece of art... from Delectable-collectibles on tumblr. Frustrating this had no artist credit, but i will search for it later.

I love music and this is so artistic and BEAUTIFUL. it makes me smile :)

Hope you all have a great weekend, and don't forget mothers day on sunday!


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