Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Improving oneself

 I'm still on a crazy personal learning craze at the moment, pushing myself personally. Obviously studying and working full time is not enough. On it's own... it drives me crazy, like so -

To avoid this madness I craft, and recently I have been learning -

1. Two handed multi - coloured knitting.

2. Using my tablet to handwrite on photos

3. Using illustrator to cut out text from photos

4. Using my watercolour brushes to write

5. Got knitting machine working and learnt different methods of closed cast on and cast offs (requiring more patience than one woman has.) Can't wait to experiment with this more, does anyone out there do machine knitting too? Seems like a skill the younger generation has lost abit, unless you are studying textiles at uni.

- lastly a personal achievement considering I'm not that knowledgable about computers. After at least a year of asking other people for their help because I was nervous doing it, I removed the broken hard drive from my pc, and I got the RIGHT drive (there are 3 in their atm). Now I know what type it is I can replace it :) YAY. That broken hardrive was responsible for loosing some of my fave photos and also alot of nasty sounds.

 What personal goals are you working towards this year?

I've also been knitting hats, doing jigsaws and feeling like a superhero in my marvel pjs (it really works.. i can achieve anything). As usual I do not achieve anything one at a time, it has to be 4 at a time to get things done. Is anyone else like that? 

This week I'm off on holiday (for 4 day!!!yay) down to cornwall to see family and attend my dad's 60th birthday. Looking forward to seeing everyone (including my sisters bump!) taking lots of photos and eating lots! Gus and I fly down to bristol tomorrow and hire a car. I can't wait to explore and have a break.

Barnicles x

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