Monday, 27 February 2012

Style this and that (including knits!)

This is my version of whats stylish or interesting on the web right now -

1. This awesome bear dress

2. Surviver bracelet (supporting an excellent cause - their adoption fund.
From Run with Scissors - The construction of the bracelet is perfection for survival application. The survivor bracelet enables you to carry several feet of Para-Cord that can be used in an emergency for countless survival applications. The way that it is woven makes it so that every inch of your wrist diameter equals approximately one foot of Para-Cord.

3. Antler/ear hat :)  I've been searching for this ever since I saw a blogger wearing it in their profile pic (just discovered its tinyowlknits!) - Click the link for Ravelry pattern - $5.50

 4. TOTORO jumper! - on Ralvenry. See also totoro gloves :) 

5. Best link cosplay EVER

 Right time to get knitting :) I'm very inspired and while I was sick last week I started working on these, with my new bamboo 5mm needles. The needles are so gorgeous, and pointy making them very easy to use.


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