Sunday, 19 February 2012

Needledate #1

so its a needlepoint cross stitch post, called... Needledate! 

First an update on life, this weekend has been really awesome. Friday night I shot photos at limbo with Scott, (I'm his assistant) at the vodoo rooms in Edinburgh. Three good bands, the gold lions, Ste McCabe and Bleech. Bleech were amazing, they are currently on tour from london and they were especially fun to take photos of, with lots of variety and interaction on stage.

Went out for a good friends birthday last night and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my boyfriend, organizing my wool stash  (thinking of making more bow necklaces in a new design), editing photos, crocheting blankets and general crafting while my bf plays the new Zelda on the wii. While I'm crafting I'm very happy to watch someone else do the hard work while I watch the Zelda story unfold.

My stitching adventures continue, (as I am a self confessed craft addict).  I mentioned in my last embroidery post I cross stitched all my christmas cards, some which I'm quite proud of. Is it too late to upload photos? Maybe I'll edit them in time for next christmas.

So here is my favourite x stitch inspiration from the net -

1. Cross stitch family portrait how-to on MartaStewart 

2. Eline Pellinkhof cross stitch wall design. Found via RosalindGraceDesigns.
You can follow that link for a really awesome interview on bloesem with the artist and a home tour.

If you can't paint on your walls but love the style I suggest these wall stickers, or diy-ing your own. 

X stitches are available in 11 different colours at £8.75 a pack. 

 Next needledate photo sneak preview - I'm using a tutorial I found on purlbee. Love the pattern.

 B x

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