Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Welcome 2012! Happy new year! What a year, and each year more mental than the last. What sort of recession will we be in by the end of 2012?
We can't dwell  on that though, wheither poor or rich its important to concentrate on ourselves, whatever situation we are in. Improving ourselves, achieving goals and growing as people. 

Things can seem bleak, grey, depressing and perhaps quality of life is perhaps deteriating to become affordable (in the uk), but children are still starving around the world, do you think they know theres a recession in the west? I wonder how the 3rd world feels and wheither they may be happier than someone suffering depression who has everything in the west.

So lets drink to improving ourselves and exploring! Doing right by ourselves. Raise your glasses or your teacup, we gotta year to plan! :)

Barnicles also won a free sponsor spot over at Sew Tara. Yay. Prompting me to start making Barnicles buttons! (I'm sure they will get better with time ;))
If you havent you should check out her blog and shop, I especially like her cozies. These two are my favourite:
I have a friend that would love this!

Bacon nom nom!

So my favourites seem to have opposite sentiment.. but similar theme?!? check out the dancing bacon.

New year goal seem to be organising. Although now i'm organising I'm overwhelmed by lists! HELP! Barnicles vs the to do/to create lists.

Barnicles x

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