Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Current Embroidery Projects

It's been years since I embroidered much, no idea where my hoop was, an ability to sew but things were still abit foggy. As you'll see from this blog I've been creating more and more and experimenting, so what the heck I said, lets try it! I've pinned a few tutorials on pinterest, however the best one I found was from Leigh Anne - Freckled Nest. Presenting the awesome -  How to start and end stitching tutorial.  (You can make up the stitches as long as they are secure, or look at other tutorials like Handstitching your writing, or handstitching 2 - a pattern.) You should check out her other projects on her 'ideas' page - lots of inspiration :) 
THANK YOU Leigh-Anne for helping add to my skill set, it's rapidly increasing.

I started a random chevron pattern -

Then i decided to do some random petal shapes - sketched onto the back first.

Laslty I've been using LA's method for cross stitch xmas cards. (must remember to take photos before i send them all)

Have you been discovering any new skills recently?

Live Long and CRAFT :) (i may have been watching alot of trek recently.)

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  1. Ooh! Nice!

    We'd love to see your projects on Hobzy, where you can share and connect with others who share your hobby.


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