Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Current crochet projects (and tutorials!)

Currently my obsession with pinterest has encouraged me to try alot of new stitches, patterns and techniques, my inspiration and wool crafts board are overflowing with inspiration, which im trying to keep in check. (I normally post things to inspiration if im in a rush and then organise my pins into other boards when i have time, to check the links properly etc)

So at the moment im obsessed with crochet (as if that wasn't obvious from the following)

1. Chevron striped crochet blanket! - found via pinterest on Caron.com

Photo from Caron
Photo from Caron

I like how crocheting in the back of the stitch creates ridges, making it different to regular single crochet :)

My Progress -

More progress (slow!)

2. Crochet Lace Bowl (set with starch) - found via pinterest on cutoutandkeep.net

Pics of what it should/will look like!

Photo from Cut Out and Keep
Photo from Cut Out and Keep

My Work in Progress! -

After all this, I'm straining at the screen at work abit, got headaches and my work colleagues think i should get my eyes tested! Opps.

 What are you enjoying making at the moment? Sometimes its nice to work without deadlines, crafting as I go :) (although that normally means 10 diff projects)

Barnicles x

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  1. so lovely! how did it turn out?



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