Sunday, 23 October 2011

My fave tutorials - Faux leather

I'm knee deep in editing oz rules footy pics (for my man and his team) and got the world cup final on in the background and finding my inspiration to get through a week in the office with fun tutorials.

I've got two faux leather tutorials saved (for when my sewing machine finally gets fixed) that i thought i would share :) I cant wait to try these out, full of fun techniques and new things to learn!

Have also become totally addicted to pinterest (havent we all?) so have a new list of must try tutorials! - see my pinterest

1. The Bow Belt - From Casey of Elegant Musings

(i can't get my photos to link... so heres the links)
The Bow Belt How To

2. Rounded & Embellished Zipper Pouches - From Ashley of Make it and Love it

Rounded & Embellished Zipper Pouches tutorial

Lastly, i really love this - patchwork deer print by Stacie Bloomfield, blog and shop Such a cool idea!

(found via Rachel Denbow - Smile and Wave)

- I've just got a new squared paper book for my knitting pattern drawing and will try to photograph my attempts and share soon! :)

Barnicles x

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