Friday, 10 June 2011

Craft stall love - Edinburgh!

Heres a few photos of Oh La La Edinburgh (held last sunday at Ghilie Dhu). Its a vintage fayre which raises money for a diff charity each time.

Photos curtesy of Photographise

The sunday was good. I was abit silly and visited the man the day before. While he was playing a football match (aussie rules) i turned his living room into my little workshop. We had an Indian meal at mother india, and unfortunately I spent half the night jumping to the toilet - enough info!
Also we were trying to be sociable, went for drinks after the match in glasgow with the aussie rules boys and then met some of the boyfriends good friends. Perhaps a drink too many! I have learnt my lesson but it was fun

Whole album here - by Photographise
So this saturday Barnicles will have a stall at Roller Derby - Twisted Thistles vs. London Rollergirls' Brawl Saints at meadowbank sports centre.

A good friend Sasha plays for Edinburgh and suggested it, cant wait to catch up with her. Check out her blog - Taxidermy Mouse. I love this photo by Chris Scott

Tonight I'm off shooting some great bands at Limbo Live, will share my favourite photos from limbo last week soon.


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  1. i love the little bow necklaces... aaghhh, they are so adorable!! xo


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