Wednesday, 2 March 2011

some dreams can come true!

I'm good, I'm really good!
looking back i realise i'm just where i wanted to be, 14 year old me would have wanted just this.
I am living my dream, not without struggling but rewards dont come without sacrifice,
Where i've worked and studied hard I haven't yet found financial compensation from employers,
but i have found the kindest friends you could ever ask for.

My friends light up my heart
Maybe it is to personal to share each individual contribution but i know they have been there everystep of the way over the last few years, to give me a leg up. I really hope i can find a way to repay them properly.

I live in an amazing flat, faith in people has given me an amazing camera, lens's, creative materials and also an amazing flatmate.

Heres some shots my friend fi got of me on my new 50mm lens :)

life lets us down many a time, but if you look ... there is light.

x Barnicles x


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