Saturday, 29 January 2011

Charity shop find - new coat

After an appointment at the dental surgery last week i decided to appreciate my half day holiday.
The prospect of having my lower wisdom tooth extracted wasn't filling me with joy (the appointment was just a consult, the tooth comes out tuesday!eek)

So off i headed to the row of charity shops nicolson/southclerk street edinburgh looking for a smart coat for work and see if they had any black heels in my size.

Success for £9. Thank you shelter, vintage charity shop of awesomeness! They also had lots of dress and knitting patterns really cheap.

Please excuse the bad photos

Do i look smart and professional now? :D
new coat

new coat

Shoes were a no go... but i picked up a pair in the next jan sale. I love them!

new shoes


1 comment:

  1. bargain of the year, and it looks impressive too!


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