Friday, 22 October 2010

Review of 4 simple goals + new hula hoop

Yay my new hula hoop finally arrived in Scotland! ordered from Lovely Jugglies in summerset! Bit of a problem getting it delivered (got sent back to them twice!) but the customer service was amazing :)

new hoop

give me a month and i'll have a 6 pack ;) Dont you LOVE the colour combo?

Looking back on the 4 Simple Goals I set 8th September.

- read a new book
Unfortunately my recently crochet addiction has got in the way of this, but the winter evernings will provide plenty of oportunities.

- exerciseI got my new Speedo clear/blue googles and been swimming once a week which feels great.
Not jogging as much, but been powerwalking, sometimes a couple of miles at lunch(to the bank and back;))

- write more letters and be social to friends and family i feel out of touch with.
I was thinking I might send my gran a parcel with a sample of what i've been making recently. thought she might like these crochet doily's as she taught me to crochet and knit when i was young. I've been a bad grand-daughter but am working on improving that and visiting her soon!
crochet experiments

- Play MOAR music! its good for the soul!

As luck would have it friend got in touch again who could help me restring my guitar :)
new strings for my guitar :)

new strings!

Winter is closing in, getting very dark and cold up here in scotland!
crocheting lots and making lace collars :) What do you have planned for long winter evernings?

new homemade crochet collar :)

Lastly I recommend these Spiced Caramel buttons, made a small batch last night, so quick and tasty! :)

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  1. Is the hula hoop scented? Back in the 80's we had scented ones, mmmm.
    No winter here, it's gonna be warm nights ahead. I plan on exercising more coz i put on weight after my surgery :(


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