Sunday, 4 July 2010

My first try at Red Velvet Cupcakes

So you might have heard the rumours, red velvet cake or cupcakes are yummy!

Some trends can be abit discouraging (I'm not a sheep!) but this one is worth trying, and blogging about... just like everyone else :)

I think most people are initially attracted by the appearence of red (or blue!) velvet cake but what surprised me most was the amazing softness and forgiving nature of the recipe!

To start with I did my research and found this amazing blog called une-deux senses.
Buttermilk seems almost impossible to find so I used the cup of milk + vinegar substitute.

One recipe even suggested opening the oven halfway through cooking to rotate the cake! Believe me, these did not sink and were the lightest cakes I've made in a long time!

First try at red velvet cupcakes!

Apologies for poor photo quality, I had the ladies round for cupcakes and mojitos! The red velvet cupcakes were the star of the everning.

I'm planning on making another batch tonight with my flatmate before she goes away, now back to mario galaxy and editing photos!

Barny face xx

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