Monday, 12 July 2010

Exciting online courses

You maybe be aware i got involved in an 'indie business' course last year.

The course was inspiring aswel as giving me projects to further my ability.

Here are TWO courses I would recommend from my favourite blogs, and lovely blogger ladies!
Sign up is open at the moment, so if they interest you sign up fast! I promise you they are amazing value for money.

Online sewing class for beginners - Ran by Rachel Denbow , Leigh-Ann and Courtney .

Home EC

and a creative photographer online class - taught by my favourite blogger! Kim Smith

No matter ur skill, this class teaches you to look outside the box and experience life, capturing your special moments.
This is based on art photography using both film and digital.

Sign up here

Read full blog with all the details here

Her work has amazing variety and she is a living artist experimenting and mixing media.

just one of her photos i like, head to course details for more examples of her work!

I was shy about starting the indiz biz course but so happy after I dived in head first :D
If your tempted, be wild and GO FOR IT! or keep your eyes out for other courses (when you might have more time or money) :)

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