Wednesday, 26 May 2010

All i want for ******* is a piano

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Dear piano

I wish you were mine

Since leaving home at 18 I've never had a piano, and I've missed it, SO SO much.

I miss the feel of the gorgeous keys on my fingers, I miss playing for hours, I miss the feeling.

The feeling when keys touch fingers, calm with a feeling of contentment. Playing classical or something abstract and thundering, connecting. My piano doesn't care if I'm crazy.

My piano just wants abit of love, and like a friendship will come alive however long its been. Brush away the cobwebs, there's always love there.

I want weighted keys, and I want you to be mine. something to love and talk to.

I want to teach others, to share and be confident about sharing.

I want to make myself proud, and realise my limits, some of my potential, so long i've dreamed of finishing my grade 7 and 8, teaching, and spending more time jammin, but never done it.

soon xx

i'll be dreaming of you x

(my old piano at my mums house)
piano 2




  1. I saw a documentary on how they make Steinway (i think it was those) pianos and it was utterly fascinating. Gave me a whole new appreciation for them. I can't play at all!!

  2. Love those piano stockings!

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    Thank you & Good luck!

  3. Dream it...and it will become yours!U deserve it! x


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