Thursday, 15 April 2010

summer and crafting

1. It's sunny, spring/summer is here and its time for iced coffee!

I miss coffee, cake and kink in covent garden, london... they used to have amazing coffee and amazing exhibitions! Including the best iced coffee with coffee ice cubes and sugar syrup! mmmmmm.

2. Tutorials! I LOVE EM!
I have a list of things i want to try at the moment! *growls at the full time job and the study*

I'm always really excited to try new techniques and improve my skills and then find a way to use them in different ways and apply to my style and designs!

Recently on they have featured Latex Kitty and her website

3. I did some easter candle making with my mum in wales :)

results - not perfect but i love the colours, and different textures, smooth vs rough and lets face it, they are a success because they work and they will burn :)

4. I made a (very late) birthday present for my friend Tayaba, a journal and this hairband :) (which i loved so much i didnt want to give away!) She's studying hard so deserves something to cheer her up!

Next post I want to show you a few of my favourite photos at the moment. A few that I've shot, a few taken of me! (eek) cant wait!

Hope your all well! and if your in the Uk, managing to enjoy the sun a little :)


  1. Love that hairband! And the candles!

  2. Candles look good! Sounds fun to try. I'm in the UK, managed to enjoy a few days of sun but now it's cloudy and chilly again :( Oh well, won't be long till I'm moaning I'm too hot!

  3. The bow headband is really cute! Great job!


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