Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Yo yo yo, sup peeps?

this is me

I used to have beautiful blue hair, but ditched it for a job that paid twice as much - I never got the job.

I'm in love with photos, among lots of things... and sometimes get round to sharing on my flickr... my to do list is always full of 'edit *** photos' - ' upload ***' and when it comes to etsy and things i make 'take stupid photos of ***'

I like making things... alot... its just like everything else, an instinct, an urge to create. I have no idea what motivates me to knit til 3am but i do :)

other things i like ----

welcome... so how was that for an introduction?... :)


  1. Lovely stuff! Shoot soon?

  2. hey lady, good intro, i like ur black hair, black hair is sexy :)


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