Friday, 12 March 2010

Knitting, lego, and indie business

Life is full of knitting and pirate lego, oh wait and sickness.

I have been ill, skint as pie £0000 (or in modern day its more like minus something) the overdraft is maxed, the credit card is maxed, and i'm only half way through the month :| dam exam fees! i'm learning to budget in a major way

Started this indie business class - really enjoying it so far :) Hoping it will organise Barnicles and get my ass into listing all those gloves above ^^^!

Oh and there was a great scottish wedding, i forgot how much i LOVE dancing, all the celeigh dances were great too! :D i danced every single one in my new sparkly dress from velvetelvisdesigns :)

Tonight: my boyfriend is coming to visit :D (long distance relationships suck)then we're heading out to Innuendub!

"Bar9 Emalkay Taz Buckfaster Plus Victor Q (Nu-Fire, Axis, Innuendub) Launch of the brand new Innuendub night at Cabaret Voltaire. Heavyweight indeed! "

He's bringing me pc bits to finish fixing up this new machine! i cant WAIT! did i mention adobe package, cod4, gta4, premier, will have 580gb and most importantly be able to edit my photos quicker and easier :D
Particularly enjoying new lightroom!

I am mostly excited bout the hugs and loving, but the pc does rock ;)

xx Barny

ps now can anyone tell me where there is time for accounting study? :p these financial records dont write themselves! lol


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